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Performance Noserider

Featured in ESM Magazine's Fall 2013 Board Forum.

It may be a bit of an oxymoron, but the Performance Noserider has earned it's title. Combining characteristics of classic logs with today's performance longboards, this board will do it all. A wide nose with a deep single concave blends into a bellied bottom and a good amount of kick in the tail, allowing for plenty of lift while perched at the tip. Thinner, more foiled 60/40 rails throughout provide hold when you need it, and release when you want it, taking cutbacks and off the lips with ease. This board is my go-to in anything from knee high to slightly overhead clean surf.

Boards pictured is 9'3" . 23" . 3" and 9'6" . 23" . 3"

Contact for custom dimensions.

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