Surfboards by Rider

Custom Surfboards Handmade in NJ, USA


Hey Kevin, I have been riding that 5'6" mini simmons you made for me a ton, at this point it might be the only board I ride. The glassing on it is bulletproof and still has not popped anywhere. Thanks for the advice with the epoxy instead of poly. 

I was thinking of doing another mini in the same size with glass on fins for when I'm home.

—Collin T.

Hey Kevin, Love the board! Rode it for the second time today, so many sick rides and barrels!

Thomas L.

I rode the ‘new’ board yesterday for the first REAL time…meaning I actually caught waves with it. The board is amazing. Thanks again!

Epic time today. Slid into my first ever barrel! And really getting used to turning on the board...

—Frank M.

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